What do we do?

We are a team of VR enthusiasts, working to bring realistic and affordable haptic feedback products to the VR and AR communities!

Virtual and augmented reality have made amazing progress with the visual sense, but to fully realise the potential of 3D computing platforms we need to be able to physically interact with these virtual worlds, to touch them.

However, the sense of touch has fallen behind. Current haptic feedback is either too expensive, or lacks the fidelity to make the virtual world feel real.

At Senmag Robotics, we are on a mission to democratise the sense of touch by developing simple, affordable, high fidelity force feedback devices.


Introducing: our 9D stylus

Our 9D stylus has been developed through years of research, and is our answer to the challenge of interating with 3D programs. Designed to be truly ubiquitous, the keyboard and mouse of 3D computing platforms, it replaces current motion controllers to offer more comprehensive and flexible interaction with VR and AR programs.

6D Position Tracking

Your motion is tracked to sub-millimetre accuracy in six dimensions, giving you a precise presence inside a virtual space.


3D Force Feedback

Hard or soft, heavy or light? Our 3D force feedback makes virtual objects feel solid, giving them a realistic presence in real space.



Our open-source Unity SDK lets you easily build realistic haptics into your virtual worlds. No Programming or haptic knowledge required!


Why use a 9D stylus?

Our 9D stylus is a uniquely intuitive and powerful interaction device, that brings your applications into the physical space.

It is a must-have component of any application that seeks to utilise 3D computing platforms such as Virtual, Augmented, or Mixed reality.

Feeling is believing, so get in touch now to request a demonstration of our technology!



Our 9D stylus is a critical tool for anyone who wants to empower their applications with interactive 3D computing platforms.

A limited number of our DK1 development kits will be avaliable soon!

Register your interest today to be among the first to work with 9D interaction!


Our Team.

At Senmag, we believe that incoprorating the sense of touch will revolutionise how we percieve computer systems.

Our team is on a mission to create affordable products, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of game-changing haptic technology.


Spyros Lavetzis

CEO & Co-Founder

Spyros is a trained engineer, with a master’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He brings strong technical and interpersonal skills to the team.


Gareth Barnaby

CTO & Co-Founder

Gareth has studied his PhD on haptic robotics for human-Computer interaction, and has over 5 years of experience in the design and applications of haptic feedback systems.




With mentoring from experts such as Rick Chapman, Mustafa Rampuri and outside mentor Jon Nichols, we have created a team that builds success.

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